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Professional Metamorphosis

is a multifaceted training organisation promoting individual and organisational competence by synergising Intellectual, Emotional and Social Skills. for organisational and professional development.

The canvas of our activities encompasses Corporate Training Services, Development Programs for Students and of course our core expertise Hospitality Industry Training Services.

We have a strong base in the hospitality Industry which is the pioneer in soft skills training and continues to enjoy an edge over other industries. We measure our success by the returns to our valued clientele and a continuous improvement in their workplace which is SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic, Time-bound)

The measurement of the specific learning / development curve is what distinguishes us from others and is an inherent strength.

We are headed by our Chief Facilitator Mr. Praveen Mani who is a mentor and trainer par excellence with an extensive knowledge and practical experience base on which the company grows from strength to strength.

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